Mátételki Péter előad

MSc in Computer Science

IT Accessibility Expert and Technical Instructor


After having acquired an MSc degree in Computer Science at BUTE in 2006 I have worked for 9 years in ICT R&D innovation and am one of the best IT accessibility experts in Hungary. For the last 6 years I have lead software projects and have worked so for 4 years in an agile environment as Scrum Master and Product Owner ensuring that my team is kept motivated to deliver valuable results. I have played a main role in planning complex systems and breaking down functionality into comprehensive goals. I have also 4 years experience with lecturing in higher- and adult education.

I am most motivated in a position where I can make the best use of my coaching, technological and innovation experience from creating a vision through planning, prioritizing goals, leading and supervising development, result validation and dissemination. Continuous improvement, value creation and also social responsibility mean a lot to me, investing time and effort into usable innovations and goals is how I like to work and live. I am most productive among other eager and innovative minds.

I am used to working on multiple projects and problems simultaneously, fast context switching is what makes me multitask effectively. I have worked on diverse projects mainly in the field of intelligent assistive tools, context-aware and collaboration frameworks, web technology, software accessibility & usability and mobile solutions. I can easily adapt to new fields and technologies, conceptualize new problems, plan, supervise and develop novel but feasible solutions.

In development, I have been working with traditional technologies such as Java, PHP, HTML, JavaScript under Git, SVN and CVS version control. Being a researcher-developer helps me getting to know also state of the art technologies such as the semantic web, HTML5, JavaScript frameworks or user-centered design approach. I have also developed for Android and iOS and have hands on experience with integrating diverse technologies and solutions.

I like and need new challenges and work at best effort while taking responsibility for the goals. I am aware of new ICT trends and also have interest in other disciplines (eg. finance, engineering) and motivational techniques (eg. gamification and behavioral social sciences). These and my good inter-personal skills make me a good self- and team-motivator.

I have good language skills, I enjoy using foreign languages in profesd rsional and personal situations. I have earned a BSc equivalent French engineering degree at the French Faculty of BUTE, and have been constantly using English due to professional duties (eg. international conference presentations, publication and project meetings) and personal reasons.